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B L U E   A G A V E   F A L L S

Two separate waterfalls becoming one. Like a marriage between a man and a woman. Two different people of the opposite sex coming together in unity and harmony through Agape Love. Click here to see a night view.

A strong, dedicated compassion to the well being of the other. Marriage takes work, like building the picture you see here.

Shallow Terrace
My wonderful wife was my helper here and this is part of our backyard that we enjoy and share with others. Our efforts have been fruitful in several areas.

Left Middle Right
Blue Agave, Aloe Vera, Yucca, Cucumber cactus, Majesty Palm, Mexican Fan Palms, Windmill Palm, Pygmy Palm, Saga Palms, and Red Apple are seen in these photos of Blue Agave Falls. Click on the above photos to launch a magnified view.

Master Bedroom View
A view out the master bedroom door. Click on the above photo to launch a magnified view.
View of Waterfall
Have a seat in my little paradise and enjoy the pond and waterfall on the left that is a cross. Maybe you would like to pray or reflect on life and God's goodness. Click on the above photo to launch a magnified view.

Click here for a bird's eye view.

Click here for a side view.